Propeller manipulator machine

About Machine

A marine propeller manipulator machine is a specialized piece of equipment used to position the propeller at various angles and position while cleaning and repair of the propeller at the workshop. The main features and uses of this machine are as follows:


Diameter : 68inches ( 1727mm)



The machine is designed to be highly maneuverable and can be used by a single person while cleaning the propeller.

Hydraulic System

machine is powered by a hydraulic system, which allows for precise control of the propeller during the cleaning and welding process.

Safety Features

The machine is equipped with safety features such as sensors that detect any abnormal loads on the propeller, emergency stop switches, and safety barriers.


Propeller Repairing

The main use of a marine propeller manipulator machine is to turn the propellers at any angle in workshop while repairing. This process can be time-consuming and challenging, especially on larger vessels, but the machine makes it easier and more efficient.

Preventive Maintenance

Regular propeller maintenance is critical to ensure the vessel's efficient operation and prevent breakdowns. A marine propeller manipulator machine can be used for propeller maintenance, such as cleaning or repairs.


Overall, a marine propeller manipulator machine is an essential piece of equipment in the marine industry that helps to save time and increase efficiency when it comes to propeller maintenance and replacement