Hydraulic Tail shaft straightening machine

About Machine

A hydraulic tail shaft straightness machine is used to check the straightness of tail shafts in marine vessels. The machine uses hydraulic pressure to push a mandrel through the tail shaft, which measures the straightness of the shaft by detecting any variations in the gap between the mandrel and the shaft.

The main features of a hydraulic tail shaft straightness machine include its ability to accurately measure the straightness of tail shafts, its ease of use, and its non-destructive testing method. The machine is also portable, allowing it to be used on-site at shipyards or other locations where tail shafts need to be inspected.


  1. Diameter of shaft from : 50mm to 140mm.
  2. Length of shaft: From 4.5meter to 6 meter.
  3. With additional accessories the shaft can be polished and finished on another stand.


Accurate Straightening

The hydraulic tail shaft straightening machine is capable of accurately straightening bent or misaligned tail shafts, which helps to reduce vibration and noise, and can prevent damage to bearings and seals.


This machine is a cost-effective way to repair tail shafts without the need for costly replacements or removing and replacing the shaft from the vessel.

Fast and Efficient

The straightening process is quick and efficient, which reduces downtime for the vessel and helps to get it back in service quickly.


Marine Industry

Hydraulic tail shaft straightening machines are commonly used in the marine industry to straighten tail shafts on vessels such as cargo ships, tankers, and ferries.

Ship Repair

The machine is also used in ship repair yards to straighten tail shafts on vessels that are undergoing maintenance and repairs.

Preventive Maintenance

Regular use of a hydraulic tail shaft straightening machine as part of a preventive maintenance program can help to identify and correct issues with tail shafts before they become more serious and cause further damage to the vessel.